PipeGuard CMH

PipeGuard CMH was developed by Drexan as a direct replacement for series MI cable. With product features that redefine high temperature trace heating, PipeGuard CMH offers significant cost savings for the customer.

Available off-the-shelf in standard wattages and voltages for simple cut-to-length installation.

Heating Cable Construction


  • Constant-wattage output heater available in standard wattages and voltages.
  • Certified to a maintain temperature of 400°C (750°F) and an exposure temperature of 450°C (842°F).
  • Cut-to-length feature simplifies engineering design, installation and maintenance.
  • Installs in less time than self regulating cable.
  • Ships to site on spools as bulk heater in standard lengths.
  • Off-the-shelf delivery results in fewer project delays and simplifies project change management.
  • Tough 321 stainless steel corrugated sheath provides for a lower operating temperature for a given wattage output.
  • Robust and Flexible Sheath permits easy bending and installation on even the most complex of piping structures.
  • Inorganic non-hygroscopic internal components are precisely arranged and manufactured for trouble-free long-term operation.
  • Terminates to a variety of enclosures and components – either above or below thermal insulation.
  • Certified to CSA, Class I, Division 1.

Download the PipeGuard CMH spec sheet or contact us for specific details.

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