Innovative Heating Cable Solutions from Drexan Energy Systems are changing how trace heating is designed and installed in the field providing significant cost savings and outstanding reliability.

As a world leading manufacturer of trace heating systems, Drexan offers freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for a wide variety of applications. We work with our customers and distributors to deliver the most reliable and easy-to-install trace heating systems backed by the best warranty in the industry. Drexan leads the way in providing the latest advances in trace heating with quality, rugged and certified C1D1 cables and connection systems. 

Have your design, application and installation questions answered quickly and efficiently using the Drexan TechLine which is accessible from anywhere in North America.

We take pride in delivering trace heating innovation, excellence and service for our international base of clients and distributors.   

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Discover Drexan's Trace Heating Systems

By Application:

Pipe freeze protection
Fire sprinkler freeze protection
High temperature maintenance
Process temperature maintenance
Roof and gutter de-icing
Slab de-icing and frost heave protection

By Industry:

Petrochemical, chemical, refining and upgrading
Food processing
Water and waste treatment