Two Types of Mineral Insulated Cables

Drexan HeatTracer Series-Circuit Mineral Insulated (MI) Cables are available in a variety of sheath materials and electrical configurations.

Mineral insulated copper sheath and mineral insulated incoloy 825 sheathed heating cables for a variety of applications.

Mineral Insulated Incoloy 825 Sheath Series Cables

Series MI heating cables are ideal for industrial freeze protection and high temperature process maintenance applications.

  • Temperature maintenance up to 1100°F (600°C).
  • Long straight-run piping structures.
  • Global certifications for hazardous locations.

Download the Mineral Insulated Incoloy 825 spec sheet.

Mineral Insulated Copper Sheath Series Cables 

  • Snow melting, slab and roof de-icing

Download the Mineral Insulated Copper spec sheet or contact us for specific details.  

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