Drexan Designer+
Professional Trace Heating Design Software

Use the most intuitive and versatile trace heating design software for your next project. This software can be viewed in a single table!

Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Available free of charge to registered customers, Drexan Designer+ is capable of designing a single EHT Circuit to an entire Refinery. The multiple screen views are all interactive and intuitive to use.

Drexan Designer+ 

The benefits of single table view:

  • Provides for simple fine-tuning.
  • Heat loss calculations and electrical circuit analysis occur in real time as individual pipe data is entered.
  • Components are selected automatically to ensure that all designs meet code.
  • Built in reports and full spreadsheet integration ensure that Drexan Designer works seamlessly within any organization to meet your trace system heating designs.


To download and register a free copy of Drexan Designer+, complete this Software Download Form.

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