Heat Tracing Cables

What type of trace heating cable do you need? We offer reliable and innovative solutions for all of your freeze protection and process temperature maintenance needs. 

Our heating cables provide both ‘minus zero’ wattage output tolerances and the tightest wattage tolerances of -0+10%.

Self-Regulating Cables

The Drexan HeatTracer line of self-regulating cables include:

Metallic Cables

Drexan Metallic-sheathed cables includes:

  • PipeGuard CMH – setting the highest standard for high temperature metallic heating cables with the industry’s first parallel circuit cut-to-length on-site cable installation!
  • Mineral Insulated Cables

All self-regulating and metallic cables are backed by the best warranty in the industry.  


Drexan — Trace Heating Redefined