Controls & Monitoring for Heat Tracing Systems

Drexan’s Electronic Thermostats and Controls are a reliable method of accurately controlling desired set temperatures.

Electronic Controllers are capable of switching one to thousands of trace heat tracing circuits.

Electronic Controls:

Drexan's Electronic Thermostats are readily available to meet your heat tracing system requirements. The systems include single or multi-point controls with RTD temperature sensing. 

 For Hazardous Class 1 Div 2 areas 

  • Tracemate single circuit controller - Single-pole 120 VAC @ 30 Amps or Dual-pole 208-240 VAC @ 30 Amps
  • Tracemate II CTR two circuit controller - Single-pole, one SCR per heater 120/277 VAC @ 30 Amps

Mechanical thermostats for trace heating systems include:

  • Fixed temperature thermostat - ideal for applications where freeze protection or lower-range temperature control is critical.
  • STAT-LS-40F
  • Adjustable ordinary area thermostat - used in ambient-sensing applications by placing the sensor in the air or as a line-sensing thermostat by securing it to a pipe or a tank.
  • Adjustable hazardous area thermostat - ideal for applications where freeze protection or temperature control in hazardous locations is critical.

 Rain and Snow Sensors:

  • DS8C Remote precipitation sensor
  • DS9C Remote High Capacity precipitation sensor


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