AMIGA’s innovation ensures swift cable installations, making every second count!

AMIGA is an advanced connection system designed for use with the Drexan HeatTracer family of Self-Regulating PipeGuard cables. AMIGA can connect up to three heaters to power or be used as an inline splice (no power) or inline tee (no power). AMIGA consists of a pipe-mounted stanchion and an enclosure (junction box) with terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail. The AMIGA stanchion provides ample room in which installers can manipulate heating cables, has excellent mechanical protection for cables installed on a pipe, and permits.


  • Used for PipeGuard and MultiTrace Self-regulating heating cables.
  • Used for 1,2 or 3 heater cables with or without power connection.
  • Grounding system is quick and easy with no pig tailing of ground braid.
  • Rugged high-temperature, pipe mounted, non-metallic system.
  • Voltages up to 277 volt.
  • Suitable for ordinary Class 1, Division 2 hazardous area locations.

Download the family of AMIGA datasheets here.

VIDEO: Providing power to your heat trace has never been so easy! Watch this video.