Food Processing

Drexan offers trace heating systems for the food and beverage industry.

Backed by the industry’s best warranty!

Food and beverage manufacturers have unique needs. Heat tracing cables installed in food and beverage plants are often exposed to liquids that can degrade misapplied cable jackets over time.

For example, chocolates and food oils can degrade a polyolefin cable jacket over time. Another common occurrence is damage to cables that is caused when sanitary components are removed, cleaned, and replaced back into process lines.

Drexan has the expertise to advise on the correct cable application and installation method to ensure long term reliable performance of the heat tracing system.

Drexan HeatTracer products

  • Serve the most demanding environments including hazardous and non-hazardous areas, as well as areas where corrosive exposure may be of concern.
  • Are certified to; CSA (CUS) standards for use throughout North America, ATEX for Europe, and are suitable for both metal and non-metal pipes, tanks and vessels.

The integrity of a trace heating system depends upon on how accurately the cable is selected and how well it is installed. An improperly designed and installed trace heating system could result in cable failure and possible physical injury.

Download our Design Worksheet to determine which trace heating system will work best for your unique needs. To speak with a representative call our Drexan HeatTracer Techline.

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