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Heat Tracing Installation Drawings

A picture does speak a thousand words - that's why we've created installation drawings to make it easier to splice and install Drexan heat tracing cables - take a look at the technical drawings available for our heat tracing solutions. We're here to help.

Steam Tracing vs Self-Regulating Cables for High Temperature Industrial Applications

It’s been known for years that steam is a very efficient carrier of heat with a fixed relationship between its pressure and temperature. It can transport heat and gives up its heat at a relatively constant temperature. That’s why steam tracing has been a popular choice for industrial and process applications – but is it now the best choice?

Making it Easier to Source and Buy the Most Innovative Heat Tracing Cables

When Edmonton-based EWEL went searching for a heat tracing partner back in 2018, it was on a mission to work with a firm that was both customer-focused and provided the most innovative and reliable tracing heating cable solutions in the business. Advances in trace heating have not been seen in years until Drexan’s PipeGuard CMH created a paradigm shift in how to design and install high temperature trace heating in the field. “It’s simply the best high temperature heat tracing cable out there,” says Terry Black, EWEL principal.