Service When You Need It

Drexan doesn’t just deliver heating cables. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond products, extending to a dedicated team of trace heating experts that are available at your fingertips. Need assistance? Our responsive Drexan HeatTracer Techline at 1-800-663-6873 is ready to cater to your questions, ensuring that you’re never alone in navigating the intricacies of heat tracing. Electrical contractors and sales representatives have attested that our team’s accessibility, even in critical situations, sets us apart.

But that’s not all – introducing the game-changing Drexan Designer+ Software. Imagine designing intricate heat tracing systems effortlessly. This innovative software empowers you to create single EHT Circuits, for small-scale applications or an entire refinery. Navigating through its multiple interactive screen views is intuitive. And the best part? It’s our gift to you - it is free to registered customers.

Need information at your fingertips? Access our comprehensive Spec Sheets instantly online or opt for our USB To Go. This portable powerhouse contains a wealth of resources, from catalog details to installation insights, accompanied by detailed drawings. It also includes the all-powerful Drexan Designer+ software, installation blueprints, and cable crossover reference information. It’s your central source for all things Drexan.

Our mission revolves around your success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Drexan, we’re not just a heat tracing solutions provider, we’re redefining heat tracing solutions to make your job easier and more effective. Simply reach out on our Techline or complete our contact form.