Elevate Your Heating Connections with AMIGA: Where Innovation Meets Speed and Reliability

n a world where efficiency and dependability are critical to success, Drexan has responded by creating a faster, easier, and more reliable way to quickly connect our self-regulating heating cables to power installations above thermal insulation.

Enter AMIGA – an advanced connection system meticulously crafted to meet the needs of today’s installers. 

AMIGA has been specifically designed for use with the Drexan HeatTracer family of self-regulating PipeGuard cables. 

Whether you are connecting up to three heaters to power, crafting an inline splice without power, or fashioning an inline tee, AMIGA is your ally to getting it done efficiently.

The AMIGA connection system encompasses:

  • A pipe-mounted stanchion, offering a platform for installers to manipulate heating cables with ease.
  • An enclosure which is a junction box that safeguards the core of the system.
  • Terminal blocks mounted on a DIN rail, streamlining the connection process.

AMIGA’s exceptional mechanical protection for cables installed on a pipe accommodates a remarkable 4 inches (102mm) of thermal insulation. Safety isn’t a feature – it is woven into AMIGA’s design offering CSA/UL (CUS) certification for both non-hazardous and hazardous environments up to Class 1 Div 2 (Zone 2).

Say goodbye to tedious “pig tailing” of cable braids – AMIGA’s innovation ensures swift installations, making every second count. And the best part? The installation process doesn’t demand hot work permits, thanks to the ingenious cold-applied core sealer.

Are you ready to revolutionize your heating connections? It’s time to experience AMIGA.  Download our AMIGA data sheet. Your future in cutting-edge connections begins now.