Drexan’s Catalog, Trace Heating Installation Detail and Drexan Designer+ Software - To Go!

Installing software and documentation on your corporate systems isn’t always an option and printing out documentation can be cumbersome.  

At Drexan, we want to ensure you have everything you need – when you need it! Simply request our Drexan USB – it’s filled with all the information you need to design and install our trace heating systems.  

The Drexan USB contains:

  • Trace heating cable catalog information
  • Latest step-by-step installation videos
  • Installation photos for our heat tracing cables
  • Drexan Designer+ Software – the  most intuitive and versatile trace heating design software
  • Installation detail drawings
  • Competitive cable crossover reference information.

Discover why so many companies choose Drexan's trace heating systems due to their reliability and cost. For specific details, go to Trace Heating Solutions to obtain application and industry specific product details. 

Contact us to order your Drexan USB.